Artists Are Illustrating the Donald Trump Resistance in This Tabloid Paper


When Françoise Mouly, the art director of The New Yorker, and her daughter, Nadja Spiegelman, asked women and LGBTQ artists for submissions for a project they were working on just after Donald Trump’s election, they were unprepared for the response. Within days, their request had been shared thousands of times, and by the time the submission deadline hit, they’d collected more than 1,000 comics and illustrations from artists across the country.

On Inauguration weekend, those submissions will be distributed across the country in the form of a tabloid newspaper called Resist! Its purpose is to capture the sentiment of a specific slice of postelection America. As Spiegelman told me last month, “It’s exciting to create something that’s a real reflection and distillation of a wider emotion.”

Some of the drawings are defiant. Some are despairing. Some reference Donald Trump, and others showcase Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. All are deeply personal. Together, they create a publication that Mouly calls a “propaganda of the left.” “[I hope] people realize that the world they believe in has not disappeared,” she said. “If anything, it’s been strengthened by the fact that it was denied.”

Click through the slideshow below to see submissions from Resist! with commentary from each artist.

Artists Illustrate the Trump Resistance