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My Super Sweet 16 Is Returning to MTV for a Whole New Generation of Tantrums

Once upon a time, a wise teen once said, “This is my party, and you’re just paying for it.” Take out your T-Mobile Sidekicks and dial your underappreciated mother/party planner: My Super Sweet 16 is coming back to MTV, the network confirmed to Vulture. The iconic early 2000s reality show — a cultural touchstone that ran for 61 episodes — documented a generation of tantrum-throwing, luxury-car-driving teens. Details are thin on what exactly the revival will look like, but it will probably hit all the key points of an archetypal sweet 16: teens who talk back, a celebrity guest trying to rework their image, and a party theme that rivals Vegas’s kitsch. According to Entertainment Weekly, a casting notice said the show can include other coming-of-age events like a quinceañera or a debutante ball. Precocious teens, rejoice!

Bow Down: My Super Sweet 16 Is Returning to MTV