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Chanel Showed Sparkling Couture Inside a Hall of Mirrors

Chanel couture spring 2017

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to come up with an impressive set time and time again. From the Chanel Data Center to the Hotel Ritz, a faux atelier, art gallery, and carousel, Lagerfeld always manages to transform the Grand Palais into uncharted territory, and today’s Chanel couture show was no different. Lagerfeld opted for a hall-of-mirrors set that, in his typical fashion, functioned on a number of levels: a play on the narcissism and self-regard (and rare self-reflection) of the industry, a great Insta-opportunity, and a call-out to the house’s history, since Coco Chanel had a similar mirrored stairway in her studio. The show, too, was filled with plenty of sparkle and flash, from the silver heels to sparkle-encrusted gowns.


Lagerfeld showed prim, retro skirt suits — one of which, with its pink hue and pillbox hat, clearly evoked Jackie Kennedy — and ‘30s gowns dripping with sparkle and marabou, the kind of thing a TCM starlet would swan around in. Almost every look was cinched with a belt, and accessorized with a pearl anklet worn on the left leg. (Karl loves an ankle accessory — remember his take on the LiLo alcohol-monitoring anklets way back when?)

Naturally, given Lagerfeld’s affection for Instagirls, there was a Hadid (Bella), a Jenner (Kendall), and a Depp (Lily-Rose, who closed the show as the couture “bride” in sweeping, ruffled pink).

Chanel Showed Sparkling Couture Inside a Hall of Mirrors