You Could Be Idris Elba’s Valentine

Idris Elba. Photo: Courtesy of Omaze

Like New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day can be one of the worst days of the year, what with the obligatory romantic messages you can’t escape and the expectations that no one could ever possibly live up to. But this year, there may be hope for the dreaded day, because Idris Elba is looking for a Valentine — and for a small price, it might just be you.

By donating at least $10 to Omaze — a charitable website that links donors with experiences — you can be entered to win the chance to spend a belated Valentine’s Day with Idris Elba. The prize includes “the most romantic meal of your life” with the actor, being declared his actual Valentine, and airfare and hotel expenses to go wherever he plans on being that magical day. You could even bring a guest if you wanted, which is fine so long as that guest is me.

The donations will support the charity W.E. Can Lead, which provides education, leadership development opportunities, and mentoring to young women in Africa. The more you donate, the more likely you are to win the date with Elba (and help a great cause).

Finally, there’s hope that at least one of us will have a great Valentine’s Day.

Donate to Charity to Be Idris Elba’s Valentine