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New York Magazine’s Sex Lives Podcast: Father, Son, and a Holy Reckoning

Photo: Mark Leibowitz/Masterfile/Corbis

Rev. Dr. Steve Trout is explaining his love for his gay atheist son Christopher, when the latter interrupts: “But you do think I’m going to get left behind during the rapture, right?”

After a tense silence, both Trouts erupt in laughter.

Last time Christopher Trout visited Sex Lives, he discussed growing up gay as the son of a Methodist minister — and his eventual careers in gay porn, sex writing, and his new genderqueer family. This week, Rev. Dr. Steve Trout joins his blasphemous son for a frank discussion of sex, God, family, and sexual fetishes that make them LOL. “My calling as a dad to love my son supersedes my attachment to the church,” explains the elder Trout, who now leads the First Methodist Church of Los Alamos, New Mexico. With his son fact-checking, the reverend reflects on saving sex for marriage; marrying his high-school sweetheart; and how his understanding of family has changed over the years. (And as for the rapture: Yes, he believes in it. No, he doesn’t worry about Chris getting left behind.) Leave voicemail for Sex Lives at 646-494-3590.

Photo: Courtesy of Rev. Dr. Steve Trout
Father, Son, and a Holy Reckoning