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15 Protest Sign Ideas for the Women’s March on Washington

Photo-Illustration: Chris Hackett/Getty Images/Tetra images RF

If you’re heading to Washington, D.C., for the Women’s March on January 21, you’re likely finalizing all your preparations — you know how you’re getting there and you have a list of what to bring, but now, of course, you need to think of a slogan for your sign.

The protests following Trump’s election saw a few original, funny ideas emerge — take “Not Usually a Sign Guy But Geez” — but there are plenty of quips to be pulled from your endless pool of despondency and rage.

Here are a few ideas from the Cut to get you started:

● I’d Rather Be Screaming Into the Void

● Listen to Leo: Climate Change Is Real


● I Want Substantive Change But Will Settle for You Not Killing Us

● Rude of You to Have Made Me Come Out Here on the Weekend

● Tiffany, Blink Twice If You Need Help

● Can U Not?

● Snowflakes Are Actually Very Beautiful and Complex

● Why Are You So Obsessed With My Uterus?

● None of Us Were Rooting for You

● Mike Pence Has Never Satisfied a Woman in His Life

● If You Won’t Release Your Tax Returns, Release the Piss Play Video

● I Could Be Sleeping But You’ve Forced Me to Protest

● I’m Too Worried to Be Funny

● Ugh

15 Protest Sign Ideas for the Women’s March on Washington