Goop Would Like You to Buy a $370 Gold Butt for Valentine’s Day

Gwyneth Paltrow, Butt Necklace. Photo: Getty; Courtesy of Goop

Goop — Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site known for such hits as suggesting you put jade eggs in your vagina, steam your vagina, and consume detox juices and smoothies (via your mouth) — has released four Valentine’s Day gift guides. And tucked away in the one for women, amongst lacy lingerie and delicate housewares, is something so small you wouldn’t be blamed for scrolling right past it: a teeny, tiny gold butt on a chain.

“Le derrière dorée” — literally, “the gold behind” — necklace is designed by Anissa Kermiche and is the perfect gift to tell your significant other: “I love you so much that I spent $370 on a miniature butt.”

Photo: Courtesy of Goop

But there’s only one left, so hurry.

Goop Wants You to Buy a Tiny $370 Butt for Valentine’s Day