Kanye Has a Crying Kim Kardashian Air Freshener in His Car

Kanye and the air freshener. Photo: juliano-daddy/X17online.com

Relationships consist, in part, of publicly and performatively expressing your love for your partner. If they didn’t, we might never again see a Facebook post exclaiming, “I’m so excited to marry my best friend, Trevor,” but what fun would that be? And so we see this performance on social media, we see it with flowers delivered to the office, and in the case of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, we see it in an air freshener.

A paparazzi photo of West getting into his car on Friday captured a tiny, almost-missable detail: Hanging off his rearview mirror is an air freshener of his wife’s face. More specifically, it’s an air freshener of the crying Kimoji.

Photo: juliano-daddy/X17online.com

We finally know what love smells like.

Kanye Has a Kim Kardashian Air Freshener in His Car