Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 16

Illustration: Jen May

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On Thursday, the sun moves into Aquarius. It’s strange timing; these are strange days. Under Aquarius we’ll be fueled by a different kind of fire. What could it look like, this week, to be called toward freedom?

Aries: If you imagine your power in physical form, what does it look like? What sound does it make? Does it flicker warm like a candle, or does it hold on to its secrets, blue as a frozen river? Listen: There’s something in you, some seed of utter wildness. Whatever it looks like, you’re going to need it in the days ahead. Think of what your power feels like, and what it might do.

Taurus: What would it mean, this week, to really prioritize justice, to really prioritize love? How would it feel to plant your feet on the ground, to hold on tight to your friend’s hands. Just staying alive requires you to be fierce and brave, but that isn’t all you can do. You can summon a world worth living in, and you can hold that world tight.

Gemini: This week, on your way home from work, or before you go to bed — look up to the sky. Sometimes the wide dark expanse can seem lonely, but sometimes, a sense of the vast unknown can jumpstart something inside you that’s gone quiet. Our world will end someday, but it isn’t ending yet. There’s so much we don’t know, so much we can’t see from here. If there are still mysteries, then there’s still a future.

Cancer: Remind yourself you don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to be infallible, a wall of perfect knowledge and opinions. There are better things in the world than being right. When the noise gets to be too much, try to pull back for a minute. Try to remember what you’re really here for, what you really want. What are the truths you know in your bones? What are the truths you can touch with your hands? This isn’t the only way to know what’s real, but it’s a place to start.

Leo: If you start from the notion that every bit of your own humanity is precious, would the landscape in front of you change? Would your vision shift? You don’t have to hide your fear or your grief. You don’t have to deny these moments of pettiness or silliness or joy. There’s a special magic in holding on to the parts of you that are small and specific and weird. Take your own sweet humanness as a place to start.

Virgo: This week, don’t ask for less than you need. Don’t ask for scraps or crumbs. This is not a week for smallness, not a week for narrow reason. Work alone won’t pull you out of this dark place. You’ll need your dreams, too, all fiery and bright. Aim for the biggest thing, the wildest thing, the best one of all.

Libra: When the world asks so much of you, it becomes hard to know what you’re willing to give. How can a person begin to address a need so great? This week, think about what matters to you, and what you’re willing to do. There’s a distance between how much you’re able to give right now, and how brave you hope to someday be. There’s no shame in this. Building these muscles takes time.

Scorpio: There’s a different kind of discovery that comes from dark days like these. Even in a future that looks bleak and metallic, there’s still life. Even in a landscape of concrete, there are still shoots of green. Sometimes the world seems tame, and sometimes it becomes wild. Sometimes the world looks defeated, but it can still come back to life. Nothing stays the same forever. There are futures we have to start working toward before we can see them.

Sagittarius: Look at it like the gift it is, that there are other people living in the same space as you — in the same town, in the same world, in the same strange grief. Look at it like the gift it is, that you aren’t left alone to fix every tear, every cruelty. If you don’t have to do everything, then what will you choose? Whose hand will you hold? Whose love will you need?

Capricorn: On the days that try to flatten everything wild and bright in you, how will you stay sharp and strong? How will you hold your edges, and how will you keep up your strength? Give yourself time this week to do what makes you strong again. There’s time for walking outside under a cold crisp sky, or time to stay inside, safe in the warm light. There’s time to make soup or take a bath or call your friend. Do what you have to and do what you want to — just remember what it’s all for.

Aquarius: This week, you can know things you haven’t known before. Illusions and wishes can fall away, leaving a clear picture of the strange countryside you move through. What is happening is happening — there’s no way out and no way back. Look around you. Cruelty can grow in power, but you’re here too, and you’re still breathing. The world is accountable to you as much as it is to anyone.

Pisces: There are waves crashing up against the inside of your head, maybe; there are waves crashing against every shore. It would be so easy to drown in all this noise, easy to lose your bearings. This week, think about what you can hold on to. What will keep you connected to this world? A dream can be an anchor, and so can a memory. A strong enough love for even one person can keep you from floating away.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 16