Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 2

Illustration: Jen May

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On Wednesday, Mercury retrograde moves into Sagittarius. You might feel yourself buried deep in dreams, or weighed down by your own speech. Or you might feel like your words have no weight at all, suspended in air. Finally on Sunday, Mercury goes direct again. Have you been waiting to move? The skies have shifted. Now is your time.

Aries: This week, listen to the stories that pull you outside of yourself. Listen to the songs that make you weep. This is a week that requires a willingness to be wrong, a willingness to be laid low by the world’s wild mystery. This week will require a willingness to keep looking, quiet, eyes bright, while your world rearranges itself around you.

Taurus: The challenge, this week, isn’t knowing where you’re going, but rather holding on to your sense of where you stand. You’re the only one who’s seen this map, maybe, or you’re the only one who’s been this way before. The world outside you has become wavy and strange, the signposts all turned around. In this uncertain terrain, it’s okay to rely on yourself, to know you can keep to a path that is true.

Gemini: This is a week for speaking the name of the evil you see, and also the name of love. The sound of your voice in the air, the feeling of your voice in your throat — this is a kind of magic. Even when nobody else hears you, the act of speaking can remind you who you are. It can remind you where you come from. It’s like dropping breadcrumbs to mark your path, like leaving the lights on to guide your way home.

Cancer: If you listen carefully, you can hear the rhythm of a forest, or a highway, or a field. Your thoughts have their own rhythm, and your body does too. So does the love that moves through you, sometimes quiet, sometimes electric, always strange. Pay attention to the world’s rhythms this week, to the ways time passes.

Leo: This week, you might feel like you’re entering a new kind of wilderness. You might feel like you’re entering unknown lands, new zones of strangeness. In this wild new life, you’ll have to rely on yourself to stay vital and true. And you can do it — this is what you’ve been preparing for, and it always has been.

Virgo: Even in the bleakest winters, there are still ways to nurture joy. You can keep a plant green and healthy. You can fill a house with music. You can show another person that they matter to you, with all their weird and spiky edges, with all their weird and bright aliveness. If you keep moving into the night, your eyes will begin to adjust. You’d be surprised at all the ways there are to keep living. You’d be surprised at all the shapes a good life can take.

Libra: This week, think about how you might clear out your mind. Think about how you could organize all these wild spinning pieces. Are there dreams that no longer serve you still taking up space in your head? Are there other dreams, potent and bright, that deserve more of your attention? How will you use your energy? How will you use your time? These aren’t questions that a person can answer in an afternoon, or maybe even a lifetime, but it’s still worth trying.

Scorpio: The world is a weirder place than we really know — it keeps stretching and shrinking; becoming dark, then becoming bright again. You have the power to make this world big again, maybe even bigger than it’s been before. If the size of your world is a matter of what you can see, then how will you let yourself see far into the distance, and how will you let yourself remember the past? If the size of your world is a matter of what you can imagine, then what will you let yourself desire?

Sagittarius: You can practice speaking in as loud a voice as you can; you can practice moving through the dark with a clear head. You can practice holding your hands steady, even when your heart beats fast. You can practice telling the truth, and then telling it again. This week, don’t expect perfection of yourself. Don’t expect a heart as hard as steel, or a body immune to fear. To live courageously in a world like ours takes practice, and there’s no shame in this.

Capricorn: You’ve been working so hard on so many different projects, and now they all sit in your pockets, maybe, or else they’re scattered across your desk, or they’re stowed away in different corners of your brain. This week, think about bringing all this different work together. Think of the connections you could make, the knots you could tie, the feeling of putting two matching pieces together.

Aquarius: This week, think about what you can do to make your own self and your own life bigger. There are external boundaries and internal ones, and you already know some ways of pushing back. Your anger can serve as a tool, but it isn’t the only one. There are different ways of living a good life, of experiencing sweetness and surprise. If you keep working, if you keep trying, the world will open up.

Pisces: Your life might feel heavy, or it might feel like too much to carry. But listen: There’s nothing in you that’s wrong — not your jumping heart, not your bright-red dreams, not your rage that swirls and flows like a deep river. You don’t have to use your time to become different from how you are. All you have to do is act.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 2