Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 23

Illustration: Jen May

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On Friday, a new moon rises in Aquarius. A new moon is still a blessing, still a quiet doorway, open to a different place. A moon in Aquarius can guide your vision into the future, can turn your dreams radical. Then on Saturday, Mars enters Aries — you can feel yourself become active, maybe, or your courage bloom. What riper time is there than now?

Aries: Each day that passes brings a new depth to your vision, a new weight to your heart. This week isn’t about heroics, or expanding until your own voice fills the sky, or growing large enough to shield the entire world from harm. You’re learning a different kind of wisdom. Even small acts can be dense enough to change you. This week, you’re going to be asked to do something unbearably good. Will you?

Taurus: This is a week for the struggle; this is a week for the fight. This is a week for assessing, with all the courage and honesty you can find, what you’re really capable of, what you’re ready to do. There’s a moment each morning, when the sun’s barely risen, when you can still see your dreams but feel your waking body, too. And you don’t need to wait for a signal to spring into action. This is your moment, this is your time.

Gemini: This is a week for imagining strength, imagining power, imagining freedom. How would freedom really taste? How would it feel in your skin, in your hair, held between your two hands? Imagination alone won’t call this sweetness into being. But we’re still here now, bodies fragile and dreams tied up in knots. We’re still here now, and the world can’t stay like this forever. So think, seriously, about the world you’re seeking. What will you leave behind, and what will you bring with you?

Cancer: When the snow melts, when the winter ends, it’s always so strange to remember that your home is still the same place it used to be. Even when the snow falls heavy enough to tear branches from trees, the forest still remains. Look at the place around you — your planet, your town. Some things have changed, and others are changing still. Even these new buildings hold something of the world you know. Even these changing forests hold seeds for something new. You belong to this world, even now, and hold your own seeds, too.

Leo: This is a week to think about who needs you, and to think about the brightness you cast into the world. It isn’t fair that this place is so hard to live in. It isn’t fair that it’s so hard to know what’s right. Some people shout their needs, and some people hold them, hide them, quiet and heavy. Think what you’re willing to give, and what you aren’t. You don’t have to give all that’s asked of you, as long as you give something.

Virgo: You’ve spent so many days searching for answers; you’ve spent so many days digging, scouting, seeking. You’ve spent days reading and thinking and dreaming. Now, look at the things you’ve found, all these scraps and shards and pieces. Turn them around, hold them up to the light. Your mind holds this knowledge, and so does your skin, but your thoughts alone won’t save you. With all this bright wisdom, how will you live in the world? What will you do with this treasure, with all that you know?

Libra: If you could ask the world anything, truly anything, what would you ask? If you could ask anything of yourself, what would it be? The secret, of course, and the trick, is that you can ask these questions. The secret is that these are the questions of a person’s whole life. You don’t have to ask only for what you think you’ll be granted. Imagine that any goodness will someday be possible, and move forward from this place.

Scorpio: There are days for expanding your vision, and days for turning inward, protecting your heart. There are days for honing your edges and days for guarding your softness and it’s hard, sometimes, to tell the difference. It’s not an easy balance, but there’s still a way through, and a way to stay whole. What will you trust to carry you through? Your desires, your knowledge, your friends? There are days for dreaming and days for waking up, and there are days, too, for traveling in between worlds.

Sagittarius: This is a week to challenge yourself, to look closely at what you hold in your own heart. This is a week for questioning the stories you tell yourself, even the elegant ones, the ones you hold on to. Some stories feel good and sweet, some beliefs sing you to sleep, but they don’t all feed your soul. They don’t all make you free. It takes courage to tell a difficult story, and a wilder courage still to reject a comfortable lie. But you’re strong enough for this, and you’re getting stronger still.

Capricorn: There are certain things you have to be ready to let go of, if you want to keep moving. This isn’t a warning, or a sign of loss. Of all your fears, of all your tender worries, there are only so many you can bring with you in these new days. Maybe the world feels like it’s become bigger, or maybe the stakes feel like they’ve become higher. Here, in these clear mornings and blue evenings, you have the chance to step onto a different kind of path. You have the chance to let your bravery make you new.

Aquarius: Living inside all this darkness can feel like an almost impossible task. With all this gloom outside yourself, how could it not start to make its way inside your thoughts? Right now, you need yourself as much as you ever have. Right now, you need your stockpiles of wisdom and love, your dreams, all your secret lonely courage. This doesn’t mean you’re alone. This doesn’t mean you only have yourself. If you speak, other people will listen, and if you listen, other people will tell you their stories.

Pisces: Step back for a moment, this week, and look around you. Look up at the sky full of clouds; look at the bumpy terrain around you. It can feel, sometimes, like nothing ever changes, like there’s nothing left to do. This week, remind yourself of the work you’ve already been doing. Remind yourself of the love you’ve been protecting and the fires you’ve been feeding. You don’t have to start anew every day. This is a week for tending the seeds you’ve already planted, and the saplings too.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 23