Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 30

Illustration: Jen May

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On Friday, Venus enters Aries. These are days for boldness, for fire, for a fierce, expansive love. Think of your friends, think of the strangers you see on the street, think of the people you’ve never met and the people you never will. Think bigger, and then bigger still.

Aries: When it feels like too much for your feet to travel on the ground, your voice can still travel through the air. You can talk back; you can refuse to be silent. There are arguments to be made and stories to be told and songs to be sung. Make noise for yourself, this week, and for others too. There are songs for marching, songs for sharing, songs for screaming out. It’s a funny thing, feeling your own voice in your chest, then hearing it move through the air. This, too, is power.

Taurus: This week, you might be asked to sacrifice the very best thing about you. Keep your eyes open for this, and be ready to refuse. Don’t be fooled by a bright empty story, by a sweet and poisonous song. Even in these dangerous times, this isn’t a deal worth making. Even in these upside-down days, a sacrifice like this will not keep you safe. Your own people can save you, and your own courage can save you. This is what will get you through.

Gemini: There are different ways to take good care of yourself, and this is a week for taking care of yourself with seriousness, with rigor, with devoted, tender love. Eat something green, or something that fills you up, or something warm on a cold morning. There are times to run and times to fight. There are times, too, to rest, and you’ll know the difference if you’re paying attention

Cancer: Sometimes, fear rises up so strong and dark it could blot out your vision, blot out the sun. Sometimes, fear sits so heavy in your stomach it could pull you down to the bottom of the sea. These are bad days, and the days ahead will be bad, too. And even now, there are worse things than fear. There are losses worse than this. Don’t let the fear eat away at you, or let it make you forget who you are. Hold fast to your ferocity, and your tenderness too.

Leo: Even now, there are these strange blessings in the world, these strange moments of purity and sweetness. They don’t make the world right, but they still exist, and they still matter. Keep your eyes open as you move through the world this week, shouting and singing and grieving. Watch the steam rise from a kettle, watch the brave winter birds up high in the trees, watch for the moments when strangers are still kind to each other. It helps, when the darkness sets in, to remember what goodness the world still holds.

Virgo: It’s difficult, in times like this, to hold on to a sense of scale. Everything keeps expanding and contracting all around you, and your own heart keeps expanding and contracting too. It’s hard to hold on to a sense of scale when the days move so quickly you can hardly tell one from the other, so quickly you can hardly tell if any time has passed at all. You can’t always know the meaning of your actions, or how far your own voice will travel.

Libra: Start to think, this week, if you haven’t already — what are the fantasies you could get used to living without? What are the dreams you could give up for a time? This is a kind of loss, but it’s something else too. Let it bring a new seriousness to the way you look at the world, a new tenderness, a newer, heavier love. If there’s grime in the snow and slush in the streets, let yourself see them truly. If there’s rage in your heart, let it breathe. If there’s evil in the world, look it straight in the eye.

Scorpio: These days might feel like a slow descent, like you’re traveling through different shades of darkness and different kinds of cold. These are places we’ve been before, though it’s hard to remember, and harder still to feel. People have survived this, and things worse than this. This isn’t meant as a comfort, just as a reminder that we know how to fight. This is a week for calling up memories from times before you.

Sagittarius: The wind blows more powerfully and the seas are rising, and there’s too much evil to face it on your own. If your world has become darker, it’s becoming bigger, too. There are things you can’t do alone anymore. This knowledge can feel like a loss, on the surface, but there’s something else here, too. There’s something precious at stake, and there’s something precious to gain. There are other footprints in the snow, in the mud, in the hallway. You aren’t here alone, and you don’t have to live like you are.

Capricorn: It’s easy to feel, in days like these, like you’re floating, like you’re being carried away by a wave you can’t even see. When so many invisible forces pull at you, it helps, sometimes, to focus on the things you can see, the things you can touch. Water the plants in your window, or drink a strong cup of coffee, or help your neighbor shovel their walk. These are days for anchoring yourself in your own real life.

Aquarius: Imagine how it would feel, in these brutal weeks, to open your heart still further. Imagine how it would feel, in the heart of this storm, to open your door to a stranger. This is the power you hold within you; this is a kind of wild bravery, too. It’s a week for keeping the lights on, for keeping your eyes open, for keeping candles lit in your windows. It’s a week for valuing, even now, something beyond the edges of your own skin.

Pisces: There is still room, even now, to step back and take a breath — don’t let anyone tell you there’s not. What are you fighting for? What won’t you accept? What do you see when you close your eyes, when you think of the future? Remember yourself as a baby, yourself as a child. Imagine yourself, old and strong, living a good free life somewhere better than here. There’s time, always, even now, to remember the past, to dream of the future, to look out beyond these days. There’s time to remember what you’re doing it all for.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 30