Guess What Mariah Carey Did to Cheer Up Her Backup Dancer?

It’s Mariah’s World. Photo: Courtesy of E! Entertainment

The second-to-last episode of Mariah’s World begins in a small, overcrowded room in Paris, where Mariah Carey positions herself against a pink seamless background while posing for alleged magazine “Clash.” She’s only doing one look for the shoot, a black bodysuit and oversize fur coat, but her “king of opinions” and creative director/dancer Anthony gives her posing tips like RuPaul just told the two of them not to fuck it up.

Following the shoot, Mariah opens heaps of fan mail on her bed like she’s never heard of germs, bedbugs, viruses, or anything else horrific and disgusting that’s transported via paper products handled in a stranger’s home. To make matters worse, known duvet-scribbler Stella hops on Mariah’s bed in BOOTS. She tucks her germ-infested platforms under her flat butt and talks boys with a downcast Mariah, who’s forcing herself to be upset over the departure of her fiancé, James Packer, from Paris. James left abruptly, citing business he had to handle. Mariah assumes his short visit is all her fault since she doesn’t have the time to spend quality moments with him while she’s on the road.

Thankfully Mariah gets over her sadness quickly and wakes up with a fresh outlook on life. In a nearby restaurant she runs into her dancers, including the injured Bryan. After being asked to do so by Anthony (who is surely overpaid), Mariah offers to pay for her dancers’ food and drink. She shares a quick mimosa, and with a swift spin, she’s gone to finish her morning off with a nap. Stella, who is always lurking behind a door frame, drape, or shower curtain, is with Mariah and gets emotional over Bryan’s sad state at the restaurant.

Meanwhile, on the journey from Paris to the tour’s next stop, Amsterdam, Anthony and Mary Ann continue to have unresolved issues from the beginning of the series. Mary Ann, Mariah’s longtime backup singer, is still upset that Anthony didn’t want to share a tour bus with her young son Jayden, and Anthony is upset that Mary Ann hasn’t gotten over this. The fight is so utterly stupid because Anthony is a jerk, but as a father and person with a conscious brain, he didn’t want a child to watch young men enjoy that good old “puff,” sexual activity, or alcoholic drink on the regular. Yes, the dancers could have refrained on some occasions, but I dare you to come into my home and tell me what to do and not do on my off hours. I think the fuck not, honey.

Still, Mary Ann hasn’t spoken to Anthony since, and the two have barely looked one another in the eye for a month. She’s also upset he brought up their ongoing tension to Stella, who thinks the two should move past this.

Right before Mariah’s Amsterdam show, Bryan learns that his knee injury is more serious than he initially thought. He was healing and able to walk around with one crutch, but his doctor notified the dancer that his patella, or kneecap, needs at least six weeks to heal. And, if it doesn’t heal properly in these six weeks, he’ll need surgery and another six months of recovery. To (knee)cap it all off, this injury could end his career. Everyone’s emotional over the severity of the injury, and Bryan is near despondent. He decides it’s best he leave the tour since he can’t do his job, and is only cleared to sit in place.

Stella tells Mariah about Bryan’s diagnosis, and Mariah wants to surprise her crush and employee. She organizes with the dancers, and has Bryan come onstage during “Touch My Body” for a special blindfolded lap dance. Mariah doesn’t put in much work for this lap dance, though. Mariah straddles Bryan, whose leg is permanently extended in a full-leg brace, then she dips back, but pops up unsatisfied with the moment. Finally, she asks him to “do something.” Bryan’s “something” is whipping Mariah’s upper body back and forth between his arms like she’s a piece of pizza dough he’s preparing for the oven. It doesn’t seem safe for anyone.

With Bryan injured, the other dancers who’ve received less screen time have to make up for his missing sex appeal, which is also on medical leave. G. Madison, another dancer of Mariah’s, walks around in his tight, tight underwear. The muscles in his thick yet taut legs flex themselves with every step. He smiles to the camera, and all is well.

While G. Madison teases the boys and girls backstage, Mary Ann and Anthony have a heart-to-heart. Mary Ann explains that she took Anthony’s offense “more than” personal — which makes zero sense — because she saw him as a black man her son could look up to. To Jayden, Anthony represented a man who wasn’t murdered young or locked up. Plus, while Anthony leaves the stage and gets to kiki with the crew or lay his head down at night, she has to take care of a child in a foreign country. These all sound like personal choices and guilt trips that don’t need to be brought into this conversation, but the two make up.

It’s the last night Mariah and her team are in Amsterdam, so she takes them out for space cakes. She doesn’t want to be seen eating the pot pastries on film, but she and her dancers have a great time munching on and smoking legal marijuana. One of Mariah’s dancers ate about two pieces of cake, so the next morning she tricks him into thinking he had a threesome of sorts with Mariah and another male dancer. Oh, sex jokes!!

The next leg of the tour takes Mariah to Cape Town, South Africa, where she is set on celebrating her twins’ 5th birthday in a big way. En route to Cape Town, Mariah calls her daughter Monroe everything but a prodigy for playing piano on an iPad. A parental lie about talent is one of the best gifts of all, so Mariah’s starting the celebrations out right!

At the venue, Mariah prepares to have her children come onstage for an unforgettable moment, and Bryan has Stella inject him with a medicinal shot. Bryan jokes that Stella did it wrong, pretending to pass out and feel internal pain. Oh, medical-emergency jokes!!

Onstage, Mariah surprises Dem Babies with a dedicated performance of “Always Be My Baby,” while they’re gifted with dozens of balloons and carried around the stage by her dancers. It’s really sweet seeing Mariah sing to her kids, who have no idea what’s going on.

Following the show, Mariah ditches her kids and heads to the party bus with Stella and her dancers. There, they drink shots of liquor and everyone else watches Mariah and Bryan grind up on one another in the corner of the bus. Mariah, after the Amsterdam dance, has convinced Bryan to stay on tour, even though he can’t work. With a knowing look, Mariah stares into the camera as she lowers her body onto Bryan’s lap. She takes a sip from her drink and turns her head back to savor the moment. It’s a look that says, “I just bought you a docuseries, now get off this bus.”

Next week is the finale of the once-in-a-lifetime event (or needed paycheck) Mariah’s World. We all know how it ends, but won’t it be nice to see if Mariah and Bryan take their flirting to the next level while she’s still engaged to James? Oh, Lord, the possibilities aren’t endless — there will probably be a tease that they will, while in reality, they won’t. But let’s pretend that the tea is scalding hot! It’s more fun that way!

How Did Mariah Carey Cheer Up Her Sad Backup Dancer?