Okay, Who Changed the ‘Hollywood’ Sign to ‘Hollyweed’?

But have you seen it … on weed? Photo: CBS Los Angeles/Twitter

Some prankster(s) decided to disprove the theory that stoners never get anything done by changing the “Hollywood” sign that perches above Los Angeles to read “Hollyweed.” They used tarps to change the “O”s into “E”s, which frankly isn’t a half-baked idea in the least.

It’s not all munchies and giggles, though. The Los Angeles Police Department is on the case, and chances are high that whoever did this will be caught because of the surveillance cameras scattered around the landmark.

This isn’t the first time someone has gotten the blazing hot idea to change the sign to “Hollyweed.” The same prank was pulled 40 years ago on January 1, 1976, the same day that a “relaxed marijuana law” went into effect. Very relaxed, indeed.

Okay, Who Changed the ‘Hollywood’ Sign to ‘Hollyweed’?