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Republican Men Think Women Have It Better

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As the nation’s women face the upcoming presidency of a man who was accused of sexual assault multiple times and the prospect of mass reproductive-health rollbacks, the nation’s Republican men would like you to know that, hey, relax, you still have it better than they do.

A poll conducted in December by PerryUndem surveyed 1,302 people about the state of gender equality and sexism in the country right now, along with some questions about the election. Per the results:

Republican men are more likely to say it is a better time to be a woman in America (51 percent) than a man (41 percent), compared to 37 percent and 53 percent, respectively, among all adults.

In general, Democrats were far more likely to report that they had experienced a form of inequality because of their gender or racial identity.

In related news, the nation’s men also say that gender inequality is over.

Republican Men Think Women Have It Better