Wendi Deng’s New Boyfriend Is 64 Years Younger Than Her Ex-Husband

Wendi Deng has been living it up since her 2013 divorce from the now-85-year-old Rupert Murdoch. She went to Burning Man. She was rumored to have dated Vladimir Putin (celebrity couple portmanteau: Pootie-Deng). And now, the 48-year-old has reportedly been dating a 21-year-old Hungarian model named Bertold Zahoran since May, though the relationship has recently become much more visible.

The two were photographed holding hands and walking down the beach in St. Barts last week, while Zahoran posted a shot of the two of them celebrating New Year’s Eve to his Instagram.

Happy 2017, you two!

Wendi Deng’s New Boyfriend 64 Years Younger Than Ex-Husband