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Here’s Why a Women’s March Organizer Brought Her Baby Onstage

Bob Bland with her baby, Chloe.

Brooklyn fashion designer Bob Bland, one of the original chairs of the Women’s March on Washington, gave birth to her daughter Chloe not long after the election. This was why, she explained to the crowds gathered in D.C. this morning, she brought her daughter up onstage during the rally portion of the Women’s March.

The timing of her daughter’s birth did not go unnoticed by feminist icon Gloria Steinem who, in her own speech before Bland’s, thanked “the hardworking visionary organizers of this woman-led inclusive march, one of whom managed to give birth while she was organizing this march. Who else can say that?”

Chloe, wearing a tiny pink hat and a furry bear suit, appeared to stay asleep throughout her mother’s speech. Bland invoked the baby on her chest, as well as her 6-year-old daughter, Penny, and said she wanted them to see that united women “can transform the world.”

Why a Women’s March Organizer Brought Her Baby Onstage