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The Worst Thing About Episode 5 of The Young Pope: ‘I Am the Young Pope’

In case you forgot, this is the Young Pope. Photo: Gianni Florito/HBO

It’s hard to choose which part of HBO’s
The Young Pope I dislike most, so in a column called Young Nope, I share the worst thing from that week’s episode.

In “Paradiso,” Dante writes:

“O grace abounding and allowing me to dare
to fix my gaze on the Eternal Light,
so deep my vision was consumed in it!

I saw how it contains within its depths
all things bound in a single book by love
of which creation is the scattered leaves:

how substance, accident, and their relation
were fused in such a way that what I now
describe is but a glimmer of that Light.”

In episode five of The Young Pope, to emphasize the difference between him and the popes who came before, the Young Pope declares, “I am the young pope.”

The Young Pope, once again. Photo: HBO

Until next time, this has been Young Nope.

Here’s the Worst Thing About Episode 5 of The Young Pope