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Alex Jones Is a Very Rude Lunch Host

Alex Jones is America’s top conspiracy theorist, the founder of Infowars, a Trump ally, and a man who claims to be 43 years old. He is also, apparently, someone you should never eat lunch with.

German news magazine Der Spiegel has published a short online profile in which writer Veit Medick visits Jones’s Austin headquarters and must witness him eating barbecue. And the retelling of that experience may forever alter how you feel about both grilled meats and the human form:

It’s afternoon, and Jones is walking through the studio, his adrenaline level high and his blood sugar low. He needs to get something to eat. Platters of BBQ - chicken, beef and sausages - are set out on a table in the conference room. “Good barbecue,” says Jones. “You tasted it already?”

He piles up food onto a plastic plate, and then he suddenly takes off his shirt without explanation. With his bare torso, he sits there and shovels meat into his mouth, a caricature of manliness, but also a show of power to the reporter sitting in front of him. He can do as he pleases.

Then Jones gets up and holds out a sausage. “Wanna suck?” he asks.

We’re guessing this is actually how Jones eats every single meal.

Alex Jones Is a Very Rude Lunch Host