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Obsessive Organizing Is Now a Fashion Trend

Post-it Note apparel at the Fyodor Golan show at London Fashion Week. Photo: Estrop/Getty Images

While methods like bullet journaling and apps like Evernote are growing ever more popular, humble Post-it Notes are still a reliable method for organization and planning. They’re also super-hot right now.

At their London Fashion Week show on Friday, Fyodor Golan unveiled several looks that incorporated Post-its scrawled with phrases like “I love you,” “Girl Power,” and “Buy Milk.”

Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images
Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images

And for the woman who wants to showcase her love of organization and the slightest hint of underboob, there’s a branded Post-it crop top — otherwise known as my new look.

Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images
Your Obsessive Need for Organization Is Now a Fashion Trend