According to Google, These Are Our Greatest Skin-Care Concerns

Photo: Trinette Reed/Blend Images/Getty Images/Blend Images

A new skin-care report from Google has revealed which skin-care trends are blowing up in 2017 and which ones are fizzling out.

According to the report, you all can’t get enough of looking like a “cute” murderer in sheet masks, à la Gigi Hadid. This year, Google searches for masks and their specific ingredients have climbed dramatically. In fact, the U.S. has even beat Japan, which has held the title since 2011, for the most mask-related searches. Additionally, the rise in popularity of the face mask has caused searches for facials to dwindle.

What’s to look out for in the coming years? Google spotlights vegan skin care as an upcoming trend in the U.S., as searches for vegan skin care have grown by 83 percent over time. So now beauty brands know what product to create in the next year: a vegan face mask that will also make you look cute. The people have spoken.

Google Says These Are the Biggest Skin-Care Trends