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Even Gwen Stefani’s Kids Think It’s Weird If She Doesn’t Wear Makeup

Gwen Stefani. Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Though it’s tempting to declare that Gwen Stefani’s platinum-blonde hair and red lips are her signature look, a better description of her beauty preferences might simply be summed up as: glamorous. As in, Stefani is not one to be seen without a full face of makeup on — ever. So much so, in fact, that even her children think it’s odd if she dares step out without swiping on some lipstick.

In an interview with In Style, Stefani spoke at length about her love of makeup and how (for better or for worse), it affects her mood. Dolling herself up, she said, is all part of the image and message she wants to convey on a certain day. If the look isn’t right, her mood isn’t right, either.

Perhaps that’s why her kids keep an eye out for her:

“[Makeup] says a lot, I think. Even my kids are so used to me wearing makeup that if I don’t, they’ll be like, ‘Wait are you gonna put on makeup?’ I’m like, ‘Of course I’m going to.’ It’s just who I am. Always have been. So it’s kind of perfect to be doing it in this way. And it’s inspiring, too.”

Stefani is also as proud a makeup enthusiast as can be. If it seems natural to see her as a brand ambassador for a makeup company like Revlon, don’t worry. Stefani thinks so, too. “I’m like how smart is Revlon to pick me?” she told In Style. “They’re so smart. I’m probably the most excited person about makeup that you could ever choose and it genuinely is my passion.” To prove her point, she notes how, no matter the occasion, she always puts on a full face. “I like doing it, and I think I’m good at it.”

So the question is: Can we expect to see some tutorials on YouTube?

Gwen Stefani’s Kids Expect Her to Always Wear Makeup