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How to Do a Pretty Ponytail That Won’t Be Mistaken for Gym Hair

Photo: Christine Hahn

This morning at Tory Burch, your Pilates ponytail got an upgrade. Guido Palau, Redken’s creative director, and his team polished up your classic, low-impact workout ponytail with a fancy hair tie. Inspired by Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story, models wore ponytails secured at the neck with a romantic flourish by a “floppy, asymmetric” generously long bow of opulent black velvet. Burch herself provided the ribbon and Palau chose a low rather than high placement of the mostly straight pony to keep it looking nonchalant and non-schoolgirl. Ease and easy were words Palau kept using to describe the style (although he achieved it with a non-easy four hair products, including Redken’s Fashion Works hair spray). But you can try the hairstyle yourself at home with a minimal amount of toil, and be the girl who wore black (or blue) velvet.

How to Do a Ponytail That Won’t Be Mistaken for Gym Hair