Leonardo DiCaprio Is Definitely Hiding His Oscar in This Fanny Pack


After a winning an Oscar last year, Leonardo DiCaprio has to go back to the Oscars this year and not win. (He isn’t nominated, and will only be there to give an Oscar to Emma Stone, probably, but that’s not the point.) But before he heads to L.A., Leo is off in Thailand, enjoying some R&R in an oversize white V-neck and sunglasses. Like your dad during an ill-fated trip to Legoland where one of your siblings gets lost and the other smears ice cream on a stranger’s cell phone, Leo is also wearing a fanny pack. What could be in that fanny pack? Well, what is 13-and-a-half-inches tall and more important to Leonardo DiCaprio than life itself?

Yeah, it’s definitely his Oscar. It has to be.


That, or some primo raw bison liver.

Leo DiCaprio Definitely Keeps His Oscar in His Fanny Pack