Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of February 13

Illustration: Jen May

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On Saturday, the sun moves into Pisces. These days can bring dreaminess, but your dreams have their own kind of rigor, their own kind of logic. Others might mistake your feelings for fragility, but you know better.

Aries: As you move through the world this week, wide-eyed and alert, don’t only pay attention to what is hard, what is dangerous, what you could use to build a house or a road or a weapon. As you move through the world this week, under skies clear and dark, try to notice, too, the things that are soft, and the things that are fragile, the things that seem like they might serve no purpose at all.

Taurus: The world isn’t static, and it isn’t locked in time. The universe is expanding, and we’re all getting older, and things won’t look tomorrow like they do today. As the world shifts and shakes, hold still for a moment. Look at your life today, and the future stretching in front of you. What do you still want to learn? What do you wish you were able to do? It’s a good time to start, right now.

Gemini: There’s more than one way to feel loneliness — it comes in so many different textures, different shades; it wears so many different faces. And sometimes love is enough to fend it off, and sometimes you can chase it away with confidence in your own solid life, and sometimes you can ignore it until it slinks back away. And sometimes, none of this is enough, not even love; sometimes the only answer is to work straight through.

Cancer: The past weeks have been frightening and dark, and this week will not be different. Still, pay attention: What new joy does this world hold for you now, today? When new kinds of pain spring into being, so, too, do new kinds of joy. This is no small thing — nothing to take lightly, nothing to take for granted. If you let it, this new struggle can open new passages in your dreams.

Leo: This is a week to keep fighting, even if you aren’t in the mood. This is a week to keep moving, even if the mountains in the distance don’t look any closer than they were yesterday. It’s a week to keep fighting, even if the darkness doesn’t seem to be growing any weaker. Ask for help when you need it — don’t carry this whole load alone — but don’t forget what you’re doing this for. The future still belongs to you.

Virgo: If you’ve been feeling tired, maybe, wrung out and afraid, this week might bring a new energy. The problems in the world are so big and the dangers so vast, but still, everywhere, there are these bursts of energy, these cracks where the light keeps getting in. Pay attention to the moments that make you feel whole — a moment of kindness in the hallways at work, a crow flying noisy and wild across the sky — and hold on to this feeling.

Libra: This is a good week for traveling, for moving, for keeping your eyes open wide. It’s a week for crossing rivers, a week for crossing town, a week for finding yourself new in new places. Towers and buildings can rise up from a flat horizon, and so can mountains, and so can trees. Watch woodsmoke rise from a chimney, up into the sky. The world doesn’t belong to you alone, but your life does, and you’re rising, too.

Scorpio: Did you ever believe that the world could betray you quite this badly? You deserve a better world than this one, and this is a week to remind yourself of this, over and over again. You deserve a better world than this one, and so do the people you love, and the people you don’t love, too. You deserve a better world than this one, so what will you offer? What will you give?

Sagittarius: It’s hard to keep a fire burning, in days like these. The winds are cold and powerful, and there are so many demands on your attention. Sometimes your flame can grow weak; sometimes the flame can go out. This is a week for lighting it again, and again, if you have to. This is a week for gathering fuel. It’s a week for tending to your energy until it blazes again, hot and clear and bright.

Capricorn: Listen to me when I tell you: You’re capable of extraordinary things. Not just the stuff of bright wild magic, but the quieter extraordinary things, too. It’s possible, and you’re brave enough, to step outside the ordinary shape of your life, to step outside of your routines, outside of what you already know about the world, outside of what you know about yourself. Watch out, this week — you’ll surprise yourself.

Aquarius: You’ve worked so hard to build this life, to build a home this solid, this safe. This life is precious and good and you’ve worked hard to find it. And still, even now, this isn’t the only life you’re capable of, and it’s not the only good life for you. Drive to other towns, other landscapes: the desert, the plains, the swamps, the coast. Even now, you aren’t trapped. Even now, you’re mobile and free.

Pisces: The power that you hold this week is not the power of steel, not the power of stone, not some hard, heavy thing that could crush another human under its weight. Your power is something stranger and brighter, something harder to wield but sweeter to hold, something that can move worlds, something that can only come from you. It can take a long time to learn to wield a power like this. In the meantime, you’ll just keep trying to do good.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of February 13