Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of February 20

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Sunday brings a solar eclipse in Pisces. The moon stands between the earth and the sun, and the energy in the sky becomes unfamiliar and wild. This is an energy that can’t be pinned down or harnessed, but it can move you, if you let it. The sky keeps giving us these new changes, offering gifts that might be what we need.

Aries: This week’s about getting back to the core of yourself. You’re bright and wild and full of strength, but if your wildness faded, if your strength disappeared, you’d still be a person, and a good person, too. What’s that goodness made of? After all the colors and the electric heat, what’s left? A beating heart, a kindness? In times when much can be taken away from you, it’s crucial that you remind yourself what can’t be.

Taurus: How will you call yourself back into your physical life? This isn’t a week for floating out to the weirder parts of your mind, for staying up all night, staring at screens. When you start to feel hollow, remember to eat. When you start to feel like you’re spinning, press your own two hands together, or splash water on your face. The problems in the world didn’t grow from your body; don’t let them find a home there.

Gemini: The world’s still so big, and it’s okay to find hope in this. The world’s still so vast, and it’s okay to dream of the goodness it might hold. Realism might not be the thing that saves you. When there are powers out there willing to block out all the world’s light, what’s left to do but to fight and to dream? This is how you move from one day to the next, from here into the future.

Cancer: Sometimes it’s tempting to imagine you’re on your own here — out alone on the wide-open plains, nobody else to rely on, no one to need but yourself. Sometimes, it’s tempting to imagine a whole world of people just like you, and when you find them you’ll never clash, never disagree, never break each other’s hearts. The reality’s always different, of course — messier, more tangled. It’s hard to live in a world with other people, where everyone’s as messy and tender and real as you. Keep trying.

Leo: Remind yourself of the wonders you’ve seen on this earth: Think of the ice storms you’ve lived through, the springtimes, the quiet moments you’ve witnessed between strangers, all the heady love you’ve known. You can’t travel back in time to every good thing, but all of these were real, and they belong to you. This isn’t about nostalgia, and it isn’t about ignoring the work left to do. It’s about reigniting your faith in this world.

Virgo: There have to be better ways than this, for living in the world. There have to be less harmful ways, less noisy ways, ways of living that don’t leave you feeling this empty. A dead log can nurture a young tree to life, and strawberries can grow sweet in the wild, and you can live beyond the way you’re living now. Sometimes you hear the neighbors laughing through the walls, maybe, or wind on the roof, or nothing at all. If this whole life is a gift, how will you honor it?

Libra: Something good is going to happen in your life, this week. It might be something wild, it might be something fragile and light, but something is going to happen. It can be hard to know what to do with goodness in a world as violent as this one, but you’re allowed these moments of victory. We don’t know what’s in our own oceans or the whole shape of the universe, so don’t wear yourself out looking for symmetry. Just hold what goodness you can find.

Scorpio: You don’t owe your time to everyone who asks for it, and you don’t owe your trust to everyone who demands it. The world spins so fast, and we all spin and slide within it, and if you engaged with everything that ever happened, you’d have no life left for yourself. You’d have no energy left for the fight you were born to fight. You know the shape of your own heart, and you know what you have to do.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, when the world moves fast enough, all the knowledge you’ve spent your life pursuing can suddenly seem less useful. Sometimes, when you move fast enough, you reach the edge of the terrain on your map. It’s frightening to reach the limit of your own known world, but this doesn’t mean you need to stop. Even when you’ve traveled as far your knowledge can take you, you can still keep going.

Capricorn: If there’s one thing to hold on to this week, it’s that being the smartest person is not enough to save you, and neither will being right. The tides will keep rolling, in and out, whether we understand them or not. You’ll still need to sleep, and you’ll still need to eat, and you’ll still need other people. This isn’t to say that your rigor and persistence don’t matter, just to remind you that there’s room to wander, to learn, to change your mind.

Aquarius: If things feel a little hopeless this week, if the world feels too big to manage, it’ll help to give yourself a task, to shrink your days to a size you can look at. Then take the load off someone else, for a moment. Look around at the people you know; look around at the people you don’t. One of these people is carrying more than their share of pain. Focus on helping just one person this week, even just once.

Pisces: Sometimes, these days, the language you used to speak seems strange in your mouth and wild in your ears. It’s like nothing means what it used to, like nothing’s familiar anymore. It’s possible, on days like these, to learn a new way to speak. It’s possible to hold a different kind of courage in your words. If you’re looking for a new way to live, build one this week. If you’re looking for a new way to see, build that too.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of February 20