Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of February 27

Illustration: Jen May

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On Saturday, Venus goes retrograde in Aries. This is a time for clarity, for finding your own balance in a world full of people. Some feelings grow hot and bright; some grow small and cold when you hold them in your hands. Look around you, and what love do you see? Look inside, and what love do you miss?

Aries: This is a week for clearing the dirt out of your head, all the overgrown thoughts, all the tangled dead feelings. It isn’t springtime yet, but it’s not too early to start. You can think of yourself as a gardener, gentle and ruthless, pulling out weeds to leave room for the flowers, or like a controlled burn, making room for new trees to grow up. The point is that you’re allowed to reclaim this space, to do what you want with your powers.

Taurus: It’s sweeter, sometimes, to be small than to be mighty. It’s good to give up trying to contain the whole universe between your own two hands. When you’re allowed to be smaller than the size of the world, the world grows large around you. Walk outside: Does it smell like snow, or like grass, or like cars? You’re made of this world too. It isn’t your job to know it completely, just to live here the best way you can.

Gemini: How will you choose to keep up your strength, this week? If the air around you grows thin, how will you learn how to breathe again? If the hope in your heart starts to falter, how will you nurture it back to health? If you’re alone in the dark, you can still look up to the waxing moon. You can dye your hair, you can brew a strong pot of coffee. This might be a week for keeping a strong body, or it might be a time for something else.

Cancer: It’s up to you to decide what kind of magic you’ll choose to believe in. It’s up to you to decide what spark you’ll hold in your heart. Magic alone won’t get you through, but that’s no reason to cast it away from yourself. Knowing the things you now know, and feeling the things you now feel, will you choose to believe in justice? Will you choose believe in fire, in the sea, in your own tender body, in the friendships that keep you afloat?

Leo: It’s good, this week, if you can check in with yourself. It’s hard to recognize your own growth, hard to name it, hard to feel it, but you’ve been growing every day. Test out your voice — is it louder? Is it freer? Test out your arms — do they feel less afraid? Pay attention to the parts of yourself that are strongest, the things you do that make you feel the most wild. This is what you can count on, in the days to come.

Virgo: Just because empathy lives in your bones doesn’t mean it’s easy. Being born with a heart full of love doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still take work. You can bring a compass or you can learn to read the stars, but you’ll need to know how to find your own way. Don’t sit and trust that the world will carry you forward. You’ll still have to try.

Libra: Look around you, this week, at the springtime come early, at the colors on your street. If the world is going to be saved, the process will be long and strange, and your job now is to face these days with courage and grace. Your job isn’t to return everything to the way it used to be, or to work one act of incredible magic. Your job is to stay generous in the face of sorrow, to stay kind in the face of scarcity.

Scorpio: Of the gifts the world has to offer you, of all the surprises it holds, which are the ones you’ll remember? Which are the ones you need? It’s hard to understand how the world can hold such beauty, even now. It’s hard to understand how we came to be on a planet as good as this. The rain is a gift, and so is the cool night air, and it’s a gift, too, to have skin to feel it. If you feel tenderness for this world, what will you do about it?

Sagittarius: The challenge isn’t being right, but learning to be wrong with grace. It’s an uneasy feeling, sometimes, always being in progress, never finding the conclusion or reaching a simple end. And still there’s no shame in this, no shame in learning to be better than you are today. This week, be willing to move in ways that feel awkward at first. Maybe it feels too slow, or a little unnatural. But you’re still able to grow, and this is how it feels.

Capricorn: This is a week for the cleansing power of speaking your feelings out loud. You don’t have to hide, and you don’t have to hedge. You don’t have to pretend to be a different person, one who cares less, or loves less powerfully, or is less afraid. Look at your face in the mirror, when there’s nobody else to see you. There are reasons for hiding, sometimes, but this is a week to speak and breathe in fresh air.

Aquarius: Sometimes, when you’re feeling lost in your own skin, it helps to go somewhere else, someplace unfamiliar to you. This is a week to feel your body against a different background, a week to hear your voice outside the noise in your house, or at your job. It’s easy, sometimes, to forget what your power feels like. But you don’t need to cross the world; you just have to leave your routine for a moment.

Pisces: There are layers to the things we can see — light and shadows do funny things. There’s the love we can see, and the love we can recognize, and they don’t always overlap. There’s the pain we can feel, and the pain that presents itself as natural as air, a part of our own bodies. This week, if you’re brave, you can cut through the veil, you can see through the mist. There’s a way to see through every extra thing, to the core of what you want. There’s a way to see through every trick, right to the heart of yourself.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of February 27