Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of February 5

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Friday brings a full moon lunar eclipse in Leo. In between the sun and the moon, your energy here on earth might feel heightened, might feel potent, might feel hot. An eclipse can signal change, but if the moon alone isn’t enough to save us, then what will you do? What energy will you take from the sky, what energy will you pull from your bones?

Aries: What will you do, this week, when you feel vulnerable in your own body? There’s an ache sometimes to turn inward, to hide in some warm dark place until the world becomes safe again. But you’re still needed out here, in the harsh physical world — not as a hero, just as a person who keeps showing up. There’s an electric strength in this crowd, and it can burn bright enough to keep you warm.

Taurus: You have to keep asking yourself how you’ll keep valuing love in this system so bent on suffering. You have to keep asking yourself what actions you’ll take to hold life above greed, above power, above ease. Look to the forests, look to the seas, look to all the bright faces out in your town, all these people in motion together. Even now, there’s so much that matters. Hold on to this feeling — it will point you forward.

Gemini: As our days twist into harsher, stranger shapes, as our nights fill with dark dreams, there’s still a way back into hope. There’s still a way into a life worth living. Somewhere, every single day, there’s something good happening. Somewhere, every day, there’s another spark. You don’t have to build a whole world out of nothing. You already have a heart full of rage and a life full of love. These alone could be enough, but you’re lucky. You have more.

Cancer: In exchange for all this fear, this violence, this evil, the world might grant you a sudden sense of clarity. What can you give up to make time for the struggle, to make time for love? This isn’t about giving up the small good things, the silliness and the sweetness, but about allowing yourself to leave behind what doesn’t nourish you, the things that hollow you out. There’s only enough room, now, for what really matters.

Leo: Another week has passed and another week has begun, and here you are, still surfing and sliding between rage and despair, between confusion and love. This landscape feels new, unmapped, unrecognizable, but there are ways to find your bearings. There are mountains in the distance, and stars in the night to guide you. Even so, you’re traveling where there are no roads. You’ll still have to travel one step at a time on this hard frozen earth.

Virgo: As the days get darker this week, and as the news gets stranger, remember that you can survive more than you think. This is a blessing, and it’s a gift, but it’s something more frightening too. You’re made of this earth, and you’re tough as the mountains, but even this won’t protect you from fear, from pain, from grief. As you keep on moving, think about how you’ll protect your spirit, how you’ll protect the best part of you. As you keep living, who are you living for?

Libra: This week, how will you remember to feed yourself? How will you remember to rest? How will you keep your energy from leaving you, from draining away under the weight of these days? How will you keep moving when the world’s got you dizzy, when there’s poison in the very air? You can turn to your ancestors, and to people older than you. You can turn to your bravest friend. This is a week for staying strong, and getting stronger.

Scorpio: You’re forgiven for everything that’s come before this. You’re forgiven for your weak moments, your small moments, your petty moments. You’re forgiven for doing too little, for doing too much. You’re forgiven for every time you’ve ever been wrong. Here, now: The rivers freeze, and then they thaw, suddenly, with a deafening crack. This is a new season. You’re forgiven for everything that’s come before this, and you’re free to move.

Sagittarius: Light a candle and gaze into the flame: What do you see? When you look away, what colors are still imprinted like bright ghosts on your vision? These are days for heeding your nightmares, for taking them seriously, but that doesn’t mean you need to neglect your dreams. These are days for taking every threat seriously, but you’re still allowed to ask for what you want, and you’re still allowed to demand what you need.

Capricorn: Right now, you can’t run away to a better place. You can’t close your eyes, fall asleep for a season, and wake up in a better future. How will you make it through this? These are days for an honesty heavy enough to drag your heart from your chest. If you can’t leave this place, what will you do to change it? When you stop asking for a miracle, when you stop asking for a bolt of hot lightning, what’s left over is the work you can do.

Aquarius: We’re still in the long period of darkness; we’re still in the period of trying. These are days to keep moving through the night, even when you don’t yet see light ahead. These are days to keep pushing, to keep trying, even when you don’t yet see results. How will you hold fast to your belief in the good future? Miracles don’t come from nowhere, and even magic requires effort.

Pisces: Can you feel, already, how these days are shaping you? Can you feel, already, the way your skin responds, and your guts, and your teeth? These days will change you, with a wildness, with an abandon it’s hard to fully imagine. Still, even under all this pressure, even in the flames of all this fear, you can shape the world as it shapes you.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of February 5