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Woman Framed by Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife in Craigslist ‘Rape Fantasy’ Plot Speaks Out

Michelle Hadley. Photo: NBC

In January, Michelle Hadley, 29, was exonerated for crimes that included posting Craigslist “rape fantasy” ads and sending threatening email messages with “links to graphic images of decapitated bodies and aborted fetuses.” In a bizarre twist, the alleged victim, Angela Diaz, 31, appears to have done all of that to herself and then framed Hadley; their connection was that Hadley had dated Diaz’s husband, Ian Diaz, before they met.

With Diaz behind bars and facing a number of charges, Hadley has come forward to publicly speak about her ordeal for the first time.

During a Friday-morning interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, Hadley called her experience “your worst nightmare coming true.” Her attorney, Michael Giusti, was also present and referred to it as “the perfect storm of catfishing.”

Hadley criticized the Anaheim police department’s work in the case, which she felt was inadequate, saying, “I believe that the police had enough information available to them before they arrested me the first time to know it wasn’t me doing it.” (Lauer brought up that when Hadley and Ian Diaz broke up, she had sent some emails to him that were “nasty,” which contributed to the case against her.)

Strangest of all, it turns out that she and Angela Diaz had never met — Hadley said, “I had no idea who she was.” Her theory is that it all stems from a “condo issue.” Friday night’s Dateline will devote a full hour to the Hadley and Diaz case.

Friday night’s episode of Dateline, airing on NBC at 10 EST, will provide an even more in-depth look at the Hadley and Diaz case.

Woman Framed by Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife Speaks Out