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Someone Paid $2,000 to Provide Us With This Terrible Billboard

The billboard. Photo: Courtesy of CNN

Highway billboards tend to advertise nearby restaurants or local strip clubs and sex shops, with the occasional “Jesus Saves” here and there. But one billboard in North Carolina — which reads simply “Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It” — is, for some reason we can’t quite put our finger on, proving controversial.

It’s still unclear who’s behind the billboard — located on I-40 near Winston-Salem — though Bill Whiteheart, the president of the outdoor advertising company that rented it out, says the group is choosing to stay anonymous. They paid $2,000 for a 30-day slot that can be renewed.

Local boutique owner Molly Grace is organizing a protest underneath the billboard on Sunday, with the Facebook invitation showing 130 people attending and 456 interested at the time this article was published.

“I took it as a very deliberate jab against women who demand equality and demand to be seen as equals,” Grace told WSMV about her motivations for protest.

It turns out life really is a highway: You’re going to encounter so many idiots along the way.

Someone Paid $2,000 to Provide Us With This Billboard