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Only Richard Branson Could Help Obama Cram 8 Years of Relaxation Into One Vacation

Photo: Jack Brockway

Maybe the photos aren’t quite as iconic as the last time Richard Branson took a friend kiteboarding, but at least there was significantly less risk of surf rash, plus Barack Obama is in these. Virgin billionaire Richard Branson excitedly shared details from this vacation with the former POTUS and FLOTUS on the British Virgin Islands’ Moskito Island. Branson even posted video of his vacation-time kiteboarding versus foilboarding competition with Obama, who somehow had the energy in him to dominate in water sports after nearly a decade of pure exhaustion.

If you had been president for even a week, you’d be floating face down in an Olympic-sized pool filled with piña colada for the rest of your life the second you stumbled out of Air Force One. But to be fair, Richard Branson probably has one of those too.

Photo: Jack Brockway
Richard Branson Takes Obama on the Ultimate Vacation