Annoying Gym Bros May Be Way Less Horny Than You Thought

Photo: Michelangelo Gratton/Getty Images

You already know that the guy who won’t shut up about how much he loves CrossFit isn’t turning you on — but it turns out that his libido might not be doing too great either. A new study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise finds a link between lengthy and grueling exercise and lower libidos in men.

Per the New York Times, researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill surveyed 1,100 active men about their workout habits, as well as about their sexual behavior (such as how often they thought about doing it). They then categorized the men based on strenuousness of exercise and strength of libido. Here’s what they found:

The men whose exercise routines were moderate or light in intensity or duration were far more likely to report moderate or high libidos than were the men whose workouts were especially prolonged or intense, even after the researchers controlled for age …

In effect, strenuous exercise “was associated with lower libido,” says Anthony Hackney, a professor of exercise physiology and nutrition at the University of North Carolina who led the study.

Another win for the dadbod.

Annoying Gym Bros May Be Way Less Horny Than You Thought