Trump Reportedly Wants Softer Towels on Air Force One

My towels are the best towels. So soft. You wouldn’t believe it. Photo: Pool/Getty Images

The early days of Donald Trump’s administration have included a series of embarrassing leaks that keep surfacing about the president and his peculiar habits: For starters, he’s reportedly obsessed with employees’ appearances, and he’s been known to wrap up his day at 6:30 p.m. for a bit of rage-tweeting and TV-watching in his bathrobe.

While we’ve barely had time to fully digest the bathrobe story, another small detail has emerged via the Huffington Post:

At the same time, he’s registered a complaint about the hand towels aboard Air Force One, the White House aide said, because they are not soft enough.

Soft towels on the presidential plane — all the better to wipe Lay’s potato chip crumbs off your large hands before you launch into another Twitter tirade about the bad people.

Trump Reportedly Wants Softer Towels on Air Force One