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This Valentine’s Day, Treat Yourself to Some Fake Fantasy Shopping

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Late at night, when Netflix requires too much mental commitment and cute dog videos on Instagram start becoming repetitive, comes another highly indulgent habit: fake shopping. It’s that thing where you go to your favorite sites and throw in everything in your cart, pretending as if you have the bank account of an oil heiress. You don’t actually buy a single thing, but for one brief moment, you feel like you could. And really, Valentine’s Day is best spent in this escapism. Why bother with a random Tuesday night dinner? Lounging on the couch with your phone, a glass of wine, and an endless stretch of time fantasizing about anything but work is true luxury. Scroll ahead to see a few over-the-top fantasy splurges that beat being at any overpriced restaurant.

Some of the most expensive powder (besides, you know, that other powder) on earth. Reviewers say this face powder is so light that it seems to literally float.

Close your eyes: It’s summer on the Amalfi coast, you’re wearing this dress with a glass of crisp white wine in your hand and the air smells like lemons. Ahhh.

Nothing says fantasy more than a pair of buttery leather gloves lined in rich silk. In this dream world, your hands would never, ever break out into a sweat.

There’s really nothing better than a beautiful black bag. It’s one of those items that you can almost justify buying by telling yourself that you’ll carry your hermetically sealed lunch to work in it every day.

An immaculately tailored coat that says, I don’t attend meetings, I run them.

This bath is for YOUR senses, no one else’s. Indulge in it alone and save the cheap bubbly stuff for when you’re together.

In every episode of Cribs, someone will roll out a drawer lined with tray after tray of jewelry. They’ll pluck out some of their favorite diamond-encrusted pieces, but then there’s always one subtle ring to show that they have good taste. This is that ring.

The shoes of your dreams probably look like this: pink, sexy, with a super high heel.

A soft-pink nail polish that doubles as a paperweight or a eye gouger in a home invasion.

Put these earrings on, quit your job, and finally take that job teaching pottery in New Mexico.

Even if you spend every day with a giant tote that carries your entire life, you could be woman who can fit everything in a simple clutch tucked under her arm.

Because you also could be a woman with a lingerie wardrobe, too.

Ever wish you could wear a robe all day? Here’s one that’s not only beautiful but also socially acceptable.

Try it and you’ll see why this eyeshadow quad garners the reaction, “Fuck you, Tom Ford, this stays on all day!”

It’s not face cotton. It’s Le Coton. It’s triple-ply and the Charmin to your generic face wipes.

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This Valentine’s Day, Treat Yourself to Fantasy Shopping