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40 People Watched a Teen Girl Get Sexually Assaulted on Facebook Live, But Nobody Reported It

Photo: Till Jacket/Getty Images/Photononstop RM

On Sunday, a 15-year-old Chicago girl went missing and resurfaced shortly afterwards on Facebook Live, where she was being sexually assaulted by up to six perpetrators, the Chicago Tribune reports. As many as 40 people at a time watched the livestream of the teen being assaulted, but nobody reported it — it only came to light when another teen saw it and alerted one of the girl’s relatives, Reginald King.

Activist Andrew Holmes ultimately brought the video to the police, who are currently investigating the crime. They found the girl early on Tuesday morning, when she was reunited with her mother and taken to the hospital.

The video was taken down, but Facebook told the Tribune that if anyone watching had reported it, they would’ve responded and possibly pulled it down sooner.

After King learned that the crime may have been committed by teenage boys who are part of a group called the “beam team,” he said: “As a society we have to ask ourselves, how did it get to the point where young men feel like it’s a badge of honor to sexually assault a girl … to not only do this to a girl, but broadcast it for the world?”

40 People Watched a Teen Get Sexually Assaulted on Facebook