All the Things Women Are Doing Wrong

You’re doing it all wrong. Photo: iStockphoto/Getty Images

Women! We just can’t seem to get things right. Whether it’s a basic human task like washing our hair or a more complicated endeavor like pronouncing the word Zara, we just keep messing up. Here, a list of 54 things women are doing wrong.


– Washing our hair.

– And shampooing it.

– Putting it in a topknot.

Curling it.

– Using hair products.

Blow-drying our hair.




– Knowing about IUDs.


– Pronouncing Adidas.

– Pronouncing Zara.

– Pronouncing Taylor Lautner’s name.

– Using tampons.

– Shaving our legs.

– Riding escalators.

– Putting on bras.

– Wearing crossbody bags.

– Wearing shoes.

– Doing push-ups.

– Removing makeup.

– Applying eye cream.

– Still eye cream.

– Putting on foundation.

– Wearing makeup in warm weather.

– Applying glitter nail polish.

– Drinking wine.

– Drinking Champagne.

– Pouring Champagne.

– Making Champagne cocktails.

– Holding coffee cups.

– Storing coffee beans.

– Making tea.

– Making rice.

– Making mashed potatoes.

– Also peeling potatoes.

– And peeling bananas.

– Eating bananas.

– Defrosting food.

– Scooping ice cream.

– Cutting cake.

– Cutting pineapples.

– Making ice cubes.


– Eh, generally anything in the kitchen.


– Eating sushi.

– Eating pizza.

– Yes, definitely pizza.

– Using deodorant.

– Putting on duvet covers.

– Playing Monopoly.

All the Things Women Are Doing Wrong