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Can You Find Beyoncé in This New Illustrated Book?

Can you find Beyoncé? Photo: Jeff Ostberg

Are you one of the millions (billions?) of people who feverishly monitor everything Beyoncé does? Do you keep a hawkeyed watch over Bey’s Instagram, Twitter, and website for any hints of surprise album drops, public appearances, or pregnancy announcements? Keeping a trained eye on every slight Beyoncé move isn’t easy, and a new book is here to help you stay focused.

A new compendium of illustrations aptly titled Finding Beyoncé, gives readers the opportunity to search for the pop star in every possible scenario. Released by small publisher Sugoi Books, and featuring work by several different illustrators, Finding Beyoncé is the Where’s Waldo that you would have preferred when you were a kid. Click below to peak inside and practice your Bey sleuthing skills.

Sugoi Books is selling the 40-page hardcover book for £10, and it can be picked up here.

Photo: Vinnie Neuberg
Photo: Roberto Biefari
Photo: Ville Savimma
Photo: Jenn Liv
Photo: Conner Perry
Photo: Ana Jaks
Can You Find Beyoncé in This New Illustrated Book?