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Justin Bieber Will Make Male Crop Tops Trendy Even If It Kills Him

Justin Bieber. Photo: GADE/GADE / AKM-GSI

This week, renegade style icon Justin Bieber decided to try out a new look, fashioning a white tank into a crop top and pairing it with red track pants and fresh new beach sneakers (i.e., regular sneakers you wear on the beach).

If there is one thing Justin has taught us, it’s that no fashion choice is too outlandish if you really commit to it. Knee socks with overalls? Why not. Heeled boots with skinny jeans? YOLO. Coachella attire outside of Palm Springs? Harem pants outside of your apartment? The pelt of a slain mythical animal? Anything is possible if you just believe. (Except for white-boy dreadlocks. Those are always a bad idea.)

Justin Bieber Will Make Male Crop Tops Trendy…or Else