Let’s All Take a Moment to Admire This Portrait of Kellyanne Conway That’s Displayed in Her Living Room

Kellyanne, uncloaked.

Every glimpse into Kellyanne Conway’s past leaves us with way more questions than we started with (remember her unearthed stand-up comedy routine?). A recent video interview with the Bergen Record in her North Jersey home went viral for Conway’s suggestion that Obama used microwaves to spy on Trump — but one smaller detail had gone unnoticed.

Photographer Anne-Marie Caruso snapped a photo of a more candid moment of her with her children — and, as Franklin Leonard first pointed out on Twitter, there’s something lurking to the side of the shot that’s impossible to ignore.

Yes, that’s a photo of Kellyanne Conway in a blue velvet cloak and pearl necklace, gazing wistfully in the distance — or at least, the shoulder of the Sears portrait-studio assistant. Smize, Kellyanne, smize.

Let’s All Look at Kellyanne Conway in a Blue Velvet Cloak