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Kellyanne Conway Says Her Kids Are ‘Struggling’ Because of Her White House Job

Kellyanne Conway on CBS This Morning. Photo: Courtesy of CBS

Kellyanne Conway has previously suggested that mothers shouldn’t work in the White House, because the high-level gigs are time-consuming and their children really should come first. And in a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Conway — who, of course, did end up taking a job in the West Wing, as counselor to President Donald Trump — explained that her kids are having the “hardest time” because of her new position.

The full interview won’t air until Sunday, but according to Us Weekly, Conway told CBS Sunday Morning that her kids — who still live in New Jersey, while she works in Washington, D.C. — have been struggling with the transition. “They’re having the hardest time with this,” Conway said, per US Weekly. “They’re great kids, but they’re really the worst ages for a mom to be here and away from them: 12, 12, 8 and 7.”

Conway, who served as Trump’s campaign manager before taking the White House gig, explained that the 24/7 Secret Service protection is “tough” on her children, as well. “This is all new for us. This is not something I sought,” she said. “I’m not a famous person on TV. They’re struggling, because it’s just different to not have a mom there as much as they’re used to, even though I’ve always worked. This is an entirely different level.”

At least none of her free time is being wasted golfing and hanging with her mistress.

Kellyanne Conway Says Her Kids Are ‘Struggling’ With Her Job