Lindsay Lohan Wants to Steal Your Phone for Her Anti-Social Network Prank Show

After a several-year drought of Hollywood movies, Lindsay Lohan is (at least for now) shelving her ideas for another Mean Girls 2 and a live-action Little Mermaid, to pursue an endeavor she doesn’t need the support of big studios for: The Anti-Social Network. The prank series, hosted by Lohan, brings the hidden-camera part of Punk’d to the entirely digital, smartphone age, while adding a game-show element. The Anti-Social Network would see Lohan taking charge of a person’s social-media accounts for 24 hours as she gives that person embarrassing challenges, like admitting their crush to their boss, to compete for prizes. According to Entertainment Weekly, the series is currently being shopped around to various networks — so until Lohan’s ideas become reality, just rewatch the grool teaser above.

Lindsay Lohan Asks You to Consider Her Anti-Social Network