Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 13

Illustration: Jen May

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Mercury moves into Aries today, and this change, like all changes, can bring relief, an easing of all the pressure inside your skull. If your yearning for balance has left you immobile, this week you can break back into motion. Maybe you’ll speak too fast, maybe you’ll be wrong: Remember, there are worse things.

Aries: The future still exists, whether it looks clear from here or not, whether it looks gentle or foggy or cruel. Imagining that the world ends right here won’t make you wiser, or help you survive the coming days. This week is for the courage to dream of sweetness in spite of it all. This week is for making yourself vulnerable to hope. Try to imagine new ways of looking to the future. Try to imagine new forms for goodness to take, new pathways to a safe green world.

Taurus: So much in our world keeps shrinking, melting, tightening around us. So much in our world seems designed to hold us in place, to make our lives small, to take our choices away. It’s worth thinking this week, in this ever-tightening space, about how you might slip the bonds you put on yourself. There’s enough cruelty here already; you don’t need to punish yourself more. If the world’s going to give you a burden this heavy, no reason to add your own stones.

Gemini: Think of all the atoms that make up a cell, all the cells that make up a body, all the bodies that march and live and weep together here on the surface of this planet. Think of all the planets moving to a different rhythm altogether, all the stars. It’s hard to know what to do with a universe so big and varied, but there’s a kind of magic in knowing that you hold a whole universe inside you.

Cancer: Maybe take a minute this week just to check on yourself. How does the air feel on your skin, and how do your muscles feel underneath it? What colors keep appearing in your dreams, what songs keep playing in your head? When every day is as full as this, it’s sometimes hard to pay attention to what’s going on in our own bodies. When every day is as brutal as this, it’s sometimes hard to believe you’re allowed your own pain.

Leo: The sky above us is filled with light, and it might feel like your vision keeps opening up now. What can you see today that you couldn’t last week? What can you see that you couldn’t see last year? There’s a weird feeling of loss, sometimes, in realizing you haven’t always been wise, to know your world was once so much smaller. There’s a weird feeling of sorrow, sometimes, knowing you used to see through clouded eyes. Growth can bring such pain, but what else is there to do?

Virgo: Have you noticed, already, the lengthening days? Have you noticed the change in the light? The changing of the seasons isn’t a gift made just for you, but it is one nonetheless. How will you accept it? How will you honor it? How will you live through these sweet days? Open your blinds and watch the sun stream into your kitchen. Imagine the leaves coming back to the trees. There’s so much sunlight can’t fix, but if days are growing longer, the world’s still spinning.

Libra: There might be moments, this week, when you’d prefer to float out in the ocean, or when you wish gravity would release its grip and free you from this earth. It’s not wrong to dream of escape, but this week is for something different. Remember what it feels like to protect someone else from harm? Remember what it feels like to believe in life? Even right here, right now, there are moments of transcendence to be found.

Scorpio: If you aren’t being cared for in the way that you need, what will you do about it? Will you reach out your arms? Will you speak your need out loud? There’s nothing wrong with needing to be held, or needing another person to sit quietly with you, or needing a friend to help you get home at the end of the day. This week you might find yourself relying on connections you’ve never needed quite so sharply before: You aren’t alone. Remember how this feels — the vulnerability, and the power.

Sagittarius: Look around you, this week. Look at all the people still trying to live in this world, same as you are, same as the squirrels and the trees. It’s no time for despair, no time to let yourself off easy. The world is not beyond repair, and we aren’t too late to save ourselves and each other. Out here at this sharp edge of our lives, it’s easy to forget how threads can tangle and loop through a whole lifetime, disappearing for a while, then showing up again. This isn’t the end. What’s lost isn’t gone for good.

Capricorn: Pay attention to the feelings you can’t hold, the moments you can’t keep. Some good things are invisible, lighter than air and quieter than your own heartbeat. Some thoughts can change your whole life without ever taking solid form. The sun rises in the morning, and you can’t own it; it belongs only to itself. The tides rush toward the shore and fall away again, and love moves along strange, bright paths. You don’t need to document each moment, or fill your pockets with joy. There’s already enough of what you need.

Aquarius: On the days that carry more than their share of chaos, it can feel like you need to fortify yourself with rage, or steel, or money. On days that carry more than their share of cruelty, it can feel unbearable to live such a fragile life. This week, when the world becomes too heavy, try not to shrug off your goodness. Remind yourself of the ways you aren’t alone. There are people who are ready to share their tenderness and their strength.

Pisces: As you move through your days, cooking and eating, walking and sleeping, you might find that somehow, in the middle of all this activity, your memories have been changing their shape. Memories that used to haunt you have become something like old friends; memories that used to be sweet and good have become a little sticky, a little sour. This doesn’t mean you were wrong before, and it doesn’t mean you’re wrong now, either.
When the world tilts, everything scrambles to rearrange itself, including you.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 13