Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 20

Illustration: Jen May

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Today the sun moves into Aries, and it’s another beginning, the beginning of another kind of year. The Earth and the planets don’t stop in their motion — they’re generous this way, offering new gifts, new chances, new possibilities. What will you begin, this week?

Aries: It won’t help, hiding your own joy from yourself, trying to shove it to the back of the closet or the bottom of your heart. Your joy won’t rest even as it’s met by sorrow or pain. This week, remind yourself you don’t need to hold joy in your clenched fist like it’s some shameful thing. This is a time for joy, and a time for work. What else is there but these kinds of motion?

Taurus: It’s not unfair to know in your bones that the world is full of violence and cowardice, and to look upon it with sorrow and rage. Still, we haven’t reached the end. Still, there’s light. There are trees getting ready to make little green leaves, and there are people who are so much younger than you are. This week, just put something good in the world where it might have a chance to grow.

Gemini: It’s comforting, sometimes, to imagine there’s a timetable, to imagine that moving fast enough might save you. There’s movement and there’s change, but it’s impossible to really know where we’re headed from here. You have to keep going; you don’t have to panic. There’s no way to move so fast that you’ll fling yourself directly into a better future.

Cancer: There’s so much to be done, but you can’t be the one to do it all. You hold power and you hold magic, but you don’t have to move all the planets and stars. There’s a whole glittering universe inside you — still, you’re just one person. You have only a series of moments, a series of days. Only a series of unselfish acts, each one like practice, each one opening a door.

Leo: It’s hard sometimes, in these weird twisting days, not to be resentful of all these demands on your time. It’s so hard, when the world’s still this full of trees and lakes, when your head’s so full of thoughts and stories, when there are so many songs still waiting to be sung. You don’t have to ignore your truest desires, or forget what sunlight feels like on your skin. You’re here for the struggle, but you’re here for the rest, too. What else are we working toward?

Virgo: Think, this week, about everything you hope might be true about yourself. Think about the world you keep longing for, the future you want so much it hurts. If you stand still at night, or early on a clear blue morning, you might feel the fire of what’s possible, warming you from the inside. There are some kinds of magic that you can’t bring into being on your own, so stay open this week.

Libra: This is a week for deciding what you might be able to live without. Ask this of yourself gently, with no guilt, no wild expectations. What can you live without? The world is spinning and shifting and grinding into something new. For this place get better, even our own small lives will change. It’s not a sacrifice, necessarily, not even a loss. In exchange for some sweetness, what sorrows would you let go? In exchange for real freedom, what convenience would you leave behind?

Scorpio: Listen, this week, for the music in the air. Listen for songs thumping from cars, for songs floating from second-floor windows, for songs sung by children on the way home from school. Listen for the music that lives in your body, that’s been passed down to you. You don’t have to try to be interesting, and you don’t have to try to be right. You just have to listen, to let your blood flow and your heart beat as true as it’s able.

Sagittarius: The days keep getting longer, but they don’t get any easier, and even the victories can’t hold you up forever. Sometimes, the way to fight exhaustion is to rest, and sometimes it’s to work on dreaming. Sometimes, the way to fight exhaustion is to see clearly through the haze. If you turned your attention away from the small irritations, from the feelings that itch, from the chatter and buzzing, what space could open back up in your heart? There’s still so much worth working toward.

Capricorn: There is a place more beautiful than where you live now, but it won’t be easy to find it. This is a good week for motion, for travel, for moving through wide empty fields with nothing above you but the sky. It’s a good week for walking through long city streets full of noise. As you move, bright glimpses of a better place might flash into view. You don’t have to stay still and wait for a new world to arrive, just like you don’t need to worry all this movement will muddy your path back home.

Aquarius: It’s no good, trying to shape the whole world to match your desires, but there’s a way to live that might still be better. When you’re sitting in the quiet morning, how does the world feel against your skin? When you’re lying on your back in bed at night, what do you start to see? Take a slow, deep breath, right now. There’s time to let yourself float, to drift, to dream.

Pisces: Each day can bring its own whole heavy tidal wave. And even if there’s much you can’t take a break from, much that won’t let you rest, it’s still okay to step away when you can. Remember what you won’t accept, and remember what moves you to speak, then step away from the noise. Take a walk, or take a bath. Read stories, read poems. Take a nap on clean sheets. It’s okay to step away, when you need to, as long as you remember what you’re here for.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 20