Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 27

Illustration: Jen May

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Two weeks ago, Mercury moved into Aries, and last week the sun moved into Aries, and today brings a new moon in Aries. Some of the world’s patterns are harder to see from the ground, and some only become clear with time. Sometimes, though, things are even simpler. Is it urgency building in the air around you — or something else altogether?

Aries: This is a week for trusting your courage. Think about what risks you’d be willing to take, about what cruelty you won’t let slide, about what really matters to you. It sounds silly, maybe, or a little dramatic, but imagine stepping outside into the sunlight and being sure of nothing in the world but the love you hold. This power doesn’t mean all your fear has vanished. This just means it’s been altered into something better.

Taurus: Your mind is sharp and blazing, but it can’t always do all the work for you. What will you do with your skin, with your senses? It’s a tender, fragile thing, to live inside a human body. There’s crudeness and heaviness and unimaginable grace. You’re made of moods and dreams, but it’s worth remembering, this week, that you’re a physical person in a physical world, too.

Gemini: The planet spins from one moment to the next, from one sharp sorrow to the next. It’s hard to see the ways you’re becoming stronger through all this. It’s hard to believe that your capacity to love and fight could keep expanding, but it does. You can care for a plant in your windowsill, and then you can care for your neighbor, and then you can raise your voice, again and again, to ask for something better than this.

Cancer: When days stretch out this long, when the news gets worse and worse, the sense of being swallowed up by the world can feel almost physical. Sometimes, no matter how hard you’re trying, it feels like there’s nothing to do but sink down into this soft swampy ground. But this is a week to fight against being devoured by all this sorrow: Call somebody whose voice reminds you what kindness feels like. Call somebody who’s seen the best of you.

Leo: What happens when you don’t ignore all the horror in the world, when you uncover your eyes, when you look back at the people who look at you? This is a week for grappling with hurt, with sorrow, with violence. This is a week to not back down in the face of the people who wish to do harm. It’s not that this week holds only enough room for seriousness and sadness — just that you’re brave and unyielding and your vision is clear, and the aching world needs you.

Virgo: You might find yourself gazing out the window, across town or toward the mountains. You might find yourself imagining all the lives you could’ve lived, all the different worlds that might have existed. Don’t get too lost in your own wistfulness. Don’t fall for the trick that there aren’t still sweet wild futures waiting for you. There is life all around you, in motion, right now. There’s already a world full of other people, just as complicated and smart and strange as you are.

Libra: This is a week for all the work that happens when you don’t think you’re working, all the thoughts that bubble and rise on their own, as you move through the day, watching and dreaming. You’re still gathering knowledge, even when you don’t think you’re learning. You’re still putting goodness out in the world, even when you don’t think you’re doing much at all. Sometimes, work looks like work. Other times, it looks like something else.

Scorpio: You’ve been wrong about things in the past, and what a gift that’s been, what a sweet freedom. It means that there’s space for you to move, space to become better or wiser or braver. You weren’t born fully formed, and you aren’t finished changing, even now. Even after everything you’ve lived through, even after everything you’ve seen, you’re still growing. This means you’re still making connections, still testing ideas out, still learning about love and pain and other people.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, the world grants you these moments of possibility and hope. They shine so golden and bright that it seems like your whole life could change in that instant. And change is possible, of course, it’s heavy and real, but remember it takes more than one sweet moment. There’s always work involved, or time, or struggle.

Capricorn: When you open your mouth, when you’re ready to speak, what does your voice feel like in your throat, what does it feel like in your stomach? What does your voice feel like in your hands, in your skin, in your legs? You know who you are, in your heart, but think about what it feels like when you make noise. What happens when your thoughts leave your own body and hang suspended in the air?

Aquarius: We can’t always notice how we’re connected to this earth, but this is a week to pay attention anyway. If you really look, if you move through your days with an open heart, you might remember the ways you’re made of water, the ways you’re rooted to this ground. It can feel a little mushy to speak about, a little maudlin, but this doesn’t make it any less real.

Pisces: What are the projects you’ve been waiting to start? What futures keep appearing in your dreams, bright and strange, beckoning? What ambitions do you keep putting off for other days? It’s so hard to know what will bring you joy in the end, and what you’ll really need, but we’re always moving in the dark. This is a time to take action. The momentums of the moon and the tides can carry you along, if you let them.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 27