Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 6

Illustration: Jen May

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On Thursday, Mars enters Taurus, which might feel like a shock. When all your wild energy stops flying and lands, its power doesn’t go away — it just changes form. From this new position, steady on the ground, nothing can move you. Who will you stand up against, and who will you defend?

Aries: It can feel, sometimes, like there’s too much information in the world to process, like all the facts and ideas could crowd the air. Try to get out, when this happens. Try to find a quiet place for your own mind to find its rhythm again. Go outside and look up at the clear blue night. In this quiet night, what will you choose to see?

Taurus: This week, think about what in your own life is worth protecting, and think about the people you want to keep safe. These are big questions, but think about specifics, about the leaves on the plants outside your house, or the voices of the children next door. What kind of world do you really want to live in? If you can’t hold everyone in the world in your own two arms, what are you willing to give?

Gemini: It’s a good week to think about what you can accept and what you refuse to; it’s a good week to think about forgiveness. This might sound silly or trite, an action too flimsy and slight for times as heavy as these. But this isn’t about an unearned peace or about letting go of your fire. Rather, this is about making choices: Your energy and your courage are wild and bright, but not unlimited. It’s up to you how you use them.

Cancer: This is a week for reclaiming what you’ve lost, what you might have forgotten was ever yours. The world wasn’t built to protect you, but that doesn’t mean it never will. The sun keeps rising and the sun keeps setting, and our skies turn pink and blue and black. The story of this world is longer than we can see from here, but even now there are ways to reclaim a belief that it could one day be a place really worth living in.

Leo: A frustrating thing about having a body and having a heart is that even when you know what you want, even when you’ve never been surer of anything, it doesn’t mean you’ll know how to act on it. The trees know when to grow new leaves, and the birds in migration know where to travel. You carry a rhythm in your body too — it’s just harder, sometimes, to feel it.

Virgo: This week your own voice might surprise you with its power, its volume, its resonance. Pay attention to the unpredictable paths your language takes through the world, and to the unpredictable ways the world speaks through you. What are the messages you want to pass on? What are the messages you’re ready to share? This is a week for talking and a week for singing and a week for screaming, but it’s a week for listening too.

Libra: This week, think about the place where you live: your house, your block, your town. Who will you smile at, and whose eyes will you avoid? What calls will you answer, and which will you ignore? You don’t need to always be open, to everyone who looks, everyone who speaks to you even once. But it’s important, when the darkness seems so sweeping and broad, to remember the power you still hold. It still matters how you decide to live your own small life.

Scorpio: You don’t need to learn a whole new language, or a new kind of magic. You don’t need to grow a new body, or a new set of dreams. You’re already alive, right here. You’ve already been working and living and practicing courage. Maybe the landscape has changed, or the stakes have become higher, or your vision’s become clearer. But you already have skills and a bright beating heart. What will you do with them?

Sagittarius: There’s a better way of living, somewhere up ahead, but this week, that might be hard to believe. Don’t look so far into the future, craning your neck and squinting your eyes to try to see something good. Instead, stand on the ground and look at the world that exists today. Lakes and ponds melt, and they freeze over again, and there’s still water there, right now, for you to drink

Capricorn: It’s worth checking in, this week, to make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself, to make sure you’re not shouldering burdens and blames that aren’t really yours. There’s a small and human kind of magic that lives inside moments of being unsure, a bright and quiet power that lives in moments of vulnerability. It’s good to try to be strong, and it’s good to practice bravery, but failures can cover more ground than you know.

Aquarius: Sometimes, it seems like there’s nothing much to do but wait for the rain to return. You’re not an oak tree or a desert fern, but your body is made of water, too. Your body also needs the sun. Sometimes the world asks you to pretend that you’re made of metal, made of plastic, but you aren’t, and this is okay. If you can remember what you’re made of, could it change how you act?

Pisces: You aren’t stuck in one place, of course. Your life is bigger and wilder than what you’ve been told. You know this already; you know what a wild and powerful thing it is when you shift the way you look at the world, and suddenly your life shifts to match. You’re smart and you’re sharp and your vision is true: How can you share?

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 6