Marc Jacobs’s Models Turned the Cameras on the Crowd for a Change

The scene outside Marc Jacobs fall 2017, as captured by model Winnie Harlow. Photo: Winnie Harlow

Seasoned fashion editors are so used to holding up their phones inches away from a model’s face and snapping a photo that the weirdness of approaching a stranger has completely exited the equation. For the coda to his immersive, social-media-free runway show at New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs played with that dynamic by having attendees exiting the show face phone-wielding models.

The designer worked with Apple to hook up the group of models — who included Kendall Jenner and Winnie Harlow — with the iPhone 7 Plus, and they used the phones to get shots of Lil’ Kim and Katy Perry, as well as unsuspecting fashion-week habitués like Anna Wintour, Bryanboy, Margaret Zhang, and the Cut’s own Shiona Turini. See the results in the slideshow below, and go to for the full gallery.

Marc Jacobs’s Models Turned the Cameras on the Crowd