Melania Trump’s Home Country of Slovenia Named a Brand of Wine and Salami After Her

Melania Trump, inspiration for processed meats the world over. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Way before Melania Trump was the First Lady of the United States, way before she was a fascinatingly bizarre Twitter user, she was but a young model trying to make it big in her homeland of Slovenia. And the small Central European state has since honored her with a branded line of wine and processed meats.

Per wine publication Decanter, the Sevnica Castle in Slovenia is now producing a line of “First Lady” wines. The initial run of 300 bottles — which retail at €27.90 ($29.96), or twice the price of similar wines — reportedly sold out in three days, but they have 2,000 more ready to go. “Other products in the First Lady collection include salami made from a rare breed of local pig (Krškopoljc), chocolates, and beauty creams,” Decanter reports.

Melania reportedly hired a Slovenian law firm to stop locals from capitalizing on her name and image back in November, but that hasn’t stopped this line from going foward.

As for how the wine actually tastes, winemaker Lojze Kerin explained, “It’s not a strong a wine, it’s gentle like Melania.”

But how does it pair with Trump steaks?

Melania Trump’s Home Country Named a Brand of Wine After Her