power brunch

Michelle Obama Had Brunch With Sarah Jessica Parker, Gayle King, and Robin Roberts

Michelle Obama (clockwise from top left), Gayle King, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Robin Roberts.

When we found out that Sarah Jessica Parker had organized a private brunch at the Breslin in New York City with Michelle Obama, Gayle King, and Robin Roberts, we couldn’t help but wonder: Why weren’t we invited?

According to “Page Six,” the four women recently met up at the so-called “hip gastropub” (though no one knows what that means) for a chill power brunch. They apparently “sat around for a long time in a booth having Champagne and Bloody Marys with their meal” (same) while also being surrounded by Secret Service (not same).

An astute observer told “Page Six” what we already knew: “It was supercool.” Apparently security was so tight that nearby diners were unable to “catch what the women were discussing,” though we can only assume they shared a laugh at the idea of Mike Pence winning an award for helping women.

Michelle Obama Had the Ultimate Power Brunch in New York