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We Now Know Who the Tooth Fairy Is: North West

North West. Photo: Splash News

Kim Kardashian has revealed that North West has a bit of a side hustle going on. Little North, it turns out, is not only at the age where she might lose a tooth or two, she’s also skilled in the business of collecting other people’s baby teeth that have come loose.

You see, North West is the Tooth Fairy.

On Sunday, Kim shared Snapchat videos of North discussing her newly discovered role as a tooth collector.

North also apparently gives quite liberally when she collects a tooth, as evidenced by the many “jewels” she leaves behind.

So be advised: Any notes accompanying teeth left under the pillow may now be addressed to “North, the Tooth Fairy.” What did we expect from a stylish kid who has gladly taken on the role of flower girl and has proved she can help out the family’s fashion business.

We Now Know Who the Tooth Fairy Is: North West