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Only Rihanna Could Curve Horror’s Most Notorious Murderer

Rihanna on Bates Motel. Photo: A&E

Last night concluded Rihanna’s two-episode stint as Marion Crane (the role played by Janet Leigh in the original Psycho) on A&E’s Bates Motel, and if you had “Marion survives notorious killer and subverts classic horror scene in spectacular fashion” on your RiRi-inspired Bates Motel drinking game, I hope you’re enjoying your hangover.

In the previous episode, Rihanna/Marion checked in to the eponymous motel to hide out after stealing $400,000 from her boss, and it was assumed that this week we’d finally get a reenactment of the iconic shower murder scene from the 1960 horror classic. But this is RiRi we’re talking about, and you can be damn sure she’s not about to get murdered by some taxidermy-loving mama’s boy while she’s washing her hair.

While we do see Rihanna/Marion showering while Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) spies on her through a peephole, before he can try anything, she declares “screw this shit!” and steps out to go track down her boyfriend, Sam (Austin Nichols). But when Rihanna/Marion finds out that Sam has been cheating on her, she flees with her cash in hand — leaving him to be shower-stabbed in her place.

In hindsight, we were fools to expect anything less.

Only Rihanna Could Curve Horror’s Most Notorious Murderer